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Bayswater Escorts
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Bayswater is a strictly exclusive part of London, placed within inner London, exactly in the western outskirts. It is populated as densely as 17k people per square kilometer, it Escort London Girl is pretty damn crowded.

Bayswater is a multicultural district, home to numerous Arabs, Brazilians, Greek and many other nationalities. Bayswater is full of luxurious apartments, stand alone mansions and cute little studio flats, it is one of the districts with the highest property prices in London, and for a good cause, it is a real pleasure to live there, unparalleled comfort and prestige.

Bayswater Tube Station offers quick, and safe transit all over the district, as well as all of London, it is so much better than standing in traffic. Within a walking distance from your rented apartment, or hotel room there are numerous points of interest and antique buildings that inspire awe and are definitely worth taking a look at: Whiteleys, an enormous shopping mall that got rebuilt after a huge fire in 1911, even now it is a symbol of luxury and wealth, but even during the times prior to the rebuild, it had a theatre and golf course on its roof, how awesome is that.

Hyde Park, one of the most famous green areas not only in London, but in the whole wide world is situated nearby. A few of the most legendary concerts took place in Hyde Park, for instance the Rolling Stones, Queen and Pink Floyd, each of them had audience numbering in hundreds of thousands.

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