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Story - Lancaster Gate Escorts
Lancaster Gate Escorts
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Lancaster Gate is an investment developed in Bayswater district, directly north of Kensington Gardens in London. It is called a gate because of two rows of terraced houses Jenny Blonde Escortforming a corridor that leads to a small square that are overlooking the park. Lancaster Gate was a name used to call that little square, surround a church, the rows of houses were called Upper Hyde Park Gardens until 1865. The area takes its naming from the entrance to Kensington Gardens, which itself was named by Queen Victoria,in honor to the Duke of Lancaster.

Stuccoed terraces are overlooking a Christ Church which was one of the most popular churches in London until it had to be redeveloped, and now stands as a Spire House, housing scheme. Lancaster gate is one of London most elaborate housing schemes lining along Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, naturally the property prices are sky high. Most of the properties are used as exclusive, high end apartments and embassies these days, including Embassy of Costa Rica, offices, hotels and, of course, many restaurants, bars and pubs are all nearby.

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