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Notting Hill Escorts
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Notting Hill is a town located in inner London, next to Kensington Gardens and home to annual Portobello Market and Notting Hill Carnivals. Notting Hill has become a Blonde Girlsignificant community for the multicultural citizens, it is also the cradle of different cultures in London, extravagance and alternative culture is all over the place, so is racism and intolerance.

Notting Hill is filled with marvels of Victorian architecture, huge balconies and buildings screaming pathos, extravagant shops, charming café’s and fancy restaurants inviting people passing by. There area that is now known as Notting Hill was known as Potteries and Piggeries because pigs were held there, and clay manufacture prospered. There also was a hippodrome in the area but it did not generate enough income and had to be demolished.

Notting Hill has a tough history to tell, it was almost entirely destroyed during Luftwaffe’s Blitzkriegs, it used to house racist demonstrations that ended up pretty bloody but in the end it got rebuilt into a charming little district, that just pulls people in with its amazing architecture, and contrary to the popular belief, very welcoming people.

Its staggering amount of bars, café’s and little shops, make it a perfect destination for nightlife enthusiasts, looking to have some fun with escorts in Notting Hill. Keep in mind that the area is so much more crowded and fun during the Portobello Market and Notting Hill Festival, if I were to visit the town, it would during that time.

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